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Shipping & Returns


Shipping on most diaper orders is free. There is a shipping charge for international orders.

Diapers will be sent out usually within within a reasonable time from the purchase date because they are homemade and take time to make. Sometimes longer if I have Home issues to deal with or if the order is rather large.

If you message Danyle (see Contact tab), a picture of the tracking information can be sent to the Customer if you can't check your email. There is a tracking email sent out with each shipment.


Love A Chicken Diaper will refund the purchase amount of the Diaper if the Diaper is returned because of dissatisfaction with the product or if there is a defect in the product within 30 days. Please try to contact Danyle (Contact tab) before returning the diaper to see if it may be a solvable problem. The Business address can be found in the Contact tab. A new Diaper, for Exchanges, can be sent out after the Business receives the returned Diaper.

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