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This page has many different videos and pictures to help with your babies diaper fitting
Button Option information section

First Fitting Instructions

Featherless/No Tail Instructions

Video on how to put on and a picture of how to measure for the chest piece for some Micro Breeds.
This is a video for fitting the New Micro Breed size I've been working on. I will have 3 sizes for Micro Breeds, this is the first one.
This is a video on how to snip a Button Hole in a strap or tail piece.
These 4 pictures show how the button style diaper will look as you are putting it on your baby
The 3 videos below show how to put on the velcro, with the part to hook a leash on, goes on the same time as you put the diaper on and if you want to put it on after you already have the diaper on.
This is another fitting video on my girl Lacey to better show how the straps and tail piece should go.
Please excuse the mess I had just gotten in from putting up my chickens outside. 
Velcro Option information section
This is the video for measuring a chicken for the Velcro option.
New Velcro Design fitting
New Retro Velcro design fitting
Retro Velcro option pictured
Velcro Retro Piece

The diaper in Teal pictures is a modification that a customer did to her diaper to make her baby happy. I wish to share her alterations in hopes to make more babies happy. She loves the style of the diaper but her baby is kind of picky she said and I only want babies to be happy so I am sharing her alteration in hopes to help others with picky babies.


The customer cut the belly piece in half all the way to the pouch and slimmed the straps down


The customer put a hole below the button to allow for the straps to go thru


The straps were then put thru the holes from underneath and tied in a bow

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