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  • How do I clean My diaper?
    Turn the diaper inside out, prerinse the poo out, put the diaper in the laundry with other clothes or chicken items. You can also hand wash the diaper in warm soapy water. To dry the diaper you can put it in the dryer on low or medium heat until dry. You can also drip dry by hanging it up right side out with the corner pushed back into place. I use a hanger with a clip part on it and hang the diaper by the edge of the bottom seam. Make sure to turn the diaper right side out after drying in the dryer and push the front bottom corners back into place.
  • Do I need measurements to get a diaper?
    No, no measurements are needed. The important information is what breed and how old your bird is, whether they are younger then 3 months. The diapers are versatile. They are designed to fit a range of birds easily that is why I do not put button holes in the straps or one side of the tail strap piece. Every bird is different and they are designed to be comfortable. More then one hole can be put into the the straps to get the right fit. iF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME. I HAVE THE LIVE CHAT ON OR MORE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE CONTACT PAGE.
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