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I, Danyle, started making my fleece diapers about in 2010. My boys, Chuck, Pudge, and Peanut, that I had at the time were Frizzle Bantams. Chuck and Peanut didn't have many feathers for the first 3 years of his life so I needed something to catch the poo and be soft on Peanut's skin. I hate to hand wash things all the time so I made the diapers sturdy and simple enough to go through the washing machine and the dryer.  The sewn in insert/lining is made from the same material as Washable baby diaper water resistant pull ups. The buttons are plastic and the fleece is a soft, fluffy polyester blend.



My Story

I thought it would be nice to share the design with everyone so I started making and selling the diapers. I have also made a modified Diaper for the Featherless/ No Tail birds so they can be diapered. I use fleece because it's soft for our Feathered Friends, doesn't stain like other materials, and is light. The design is made to be fitted to each individual without preset measurements. I use two buttons to hold the straps and tail piece, but I do not precut the holes except for one side of the tail piece. The fabric is forgiving, doesn't unravel, so more than one button hole can be put into the fabric if needed to fit properly or refit to a different bird.
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